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Our Services

Can my estate be completely liquidated?
Yes, We can relieve you of the task of appraisal, removal and sale - we do it all!

Can you tell me if my items are valuable?
Certainly - we are experts at valuing your items at current market rates.

Do you offer appraisal services?
Yes. Please read a recently published article on Getting an Appraisal

Do you buy individual items?
Yes, we do purchase single items, as well as entire estates, rooms, and suites.

Do you buy and sell?
Yes, we buy and sell in our showroom and at dated auctions.

Can you search for an item for me?
Yes. Let us know what you need to complete your collection, furnish a special room, or add to a current group and we'll search for it if possible.

Do you make house calls?
Yes, we do. Call us for details or a telephone appraisal.

Where is Ellicott City?
Historic Ellicott City, Maryland is located in Howard County, approximately half way between Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland. See our maps.

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